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Terms of Service

Declaration I agree, if elected for membership, to be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Chamber. (Membership becomes effective after approval and upon receipt of full dues payment) Submitting this form constitutes a signature for the purposed of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea. A hard copy of this application form will be kept by AMCHAM. You are advised to print out a copy of the form before clicking the Submit button. If you are applying as a Company Associate Member, please send a letter of authorization by Mail or Fax signed by your Company Member. We cannot process any Company Associate applications without this authorization. Agreement for Private Information Protection 1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (hereinafter known as AMCHAM) requires all members to provide basic information, including name, nationality, address, company/organization name, title, telephone number, email address and others in order for AMCHAM to provide its members with all benefits and services that come along with membership registration. 2. Personal information required and purpose ① Mandatory Information a. Name, Title, Company/Organization name, Nationality, Birthday: Member identification and verification b. Email address: Prompt update on AMCHAM Meetings and events and other information necessary by AMCHAM c. Address and Office telephone number: Delivery of periodicals like AMCHAM Journal and Directory and contact ② Optional Information a. Mobile/Home telephone number: In case of emergency situations and invalid contact information ③ Please note that your membership application will not be accepted if you fail to provide all the aforementioned mandatory information 3. Record keeping and usage period of personal information Your personal information that you have submitted will be kept and used in a safe manner until retaining of information is completed. All members' personal and private information will be kept confidential and will be used in utmost ure manner until the information and consent is withdrawn. 4. Correcting and deleting personal information AMCHAM strongly asks that all members register and maintain up-to-date personal information. You can, at any time, check, correct or delete your personal information registered with AMCHAM by contacting AMCHAM Membership Team (Tel: 82-2-6201-2210, Email: membership@amchamkorea.org). AMCHAM may possess and use the personal information that the member provided until the consent is withdrawn. In the event that the member withdraws all information and the consent to maintain them, AMCHAM shall destroy all personal information provided by the member in a safe and secure manner. However, please note that this will result in termination of AMCHAM membership. I agree to the above terms and conditions.