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AMCHAM Foreign Professionals Kick-Off Meeting


• 6:30pm - 7:00pm: Registration / Networking
• 7:00pm - 8:30pm: Dinner / Speech / Q&A


• ​James Bemowski

Vice Chairman and CEO - Business Operations Doosan Corporation

Dear AMCHAM Members,


Korea benefits tremendously thanks to the contributions of its ever-growing number of foreign professionals/executives working in Korean businesses and alongside Korean colleagues. It’s clear Korea is becoming an ever more attractive destination for foreign talent seeking global career opportunities and advancement. At the same time, we recognize that for many foreign professionals/executives choosing to work in Korea, there remain many challenges and many areas for improvement.

The mission of the AMCHAM Foreign Professionals Committee is to enrich the experience of American/foreign professionals and executives working for non-US-headquartered companies in Korea:

• We provide a forum to voice and discuss issues of concern to AMCHAM member foreign professionals/executives working in Korea.
• We organize regular networking opportunities to engage with and learn from fellow foreign professionals/executives working in Korea.
• We invite guest speakers who have successfully overcome communication and cultural challenges to thrive within Korea.
• We advocate policies and laws that advance Korea as a destination for foreign professionals/executives.
• We aspire to make the experience of AMCHAM member foreign professionals/executives more rewarding and fulfilling.

We welcome any expat (foreign professional/executives) working in Korea (you do not have to be a current AMCHAM member). We are actively seeking your suggestions and ideas on how we can make this committee as useful and helpful to its target community as possible.

We very much look forward to you joining us for our kick-off meeting!

Best regards,

AMCHAM Foreign Professionals Committee Co-Chairs

Jeremy Everett / Christopher Sotomayor