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[Sold Out] AMCHAM Government & International Affairs Committee Meeting

Thursday, June 27, 2024

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Two IFC, The Forum 301 (3 Fl.)

AMCHAM Korea's Government and International Affairs Committee will host a special seminar with Dr. Jongsu Kim, Policy Chief of the Democratic Party of Korea. Dr. Kim will discuss the Democratic Party's major policy directions and strategic priorities in the 22nd National Assembly. With the party securing 175 seats in the recent election, it will play a pivotal role in legislative and policy-making processes. This event is particularly relevant for those interested in understanding the future legislative landscape in Korea and its implications for international business and government affairs.

NOTE: This event will be held in Korean only.


TOPIC Strategic Policy Directions in Korea: Insights from Dr. Jongsu Kim, Policy Chief of the Democratic Party of Korea
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Noon, Tuesday, June 25, 2024

About the Speaker

[Speaker] Dr. Jongsu Kim, Policy Chief of the Democratic Party of Korea

Dr. Kim Jongsu is the Director of Policy for the Democratic Party of Korea, where he oversees the party's policy directions and strategies and sets the formulation of its policy agenda. With a Ph.D. in North Korean Studies from Dongguk University (2007), he has served as Policy Advisor to the Minister of Unification and Executive Secretary of the Korean Youth Corps.

Dr. Kim is an adjunct professor at Baird University College, Soongsil University, and has been an Executive Consultant for the State Affairs Planning Advisory Committee and a Senior Researcher for the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation. He has also taught at Dongguk University, influencing future policymakers.

His extensive experience and dedication to public service continue to drive the Democratic Party's policy innovation and strategic vision.

[Moderator] Ji Eun Chung, CEO of CODIT Corp.

Ms. Ji Eun Chung is the CEO of CODIT Corp., a leading regulatory platform that integrates advanced technology with extensive policy expertise. With over 15 years of international policy experience at the OECD, UNESCO, and the World Bank, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her roles. She serves on the Presidential Digital Government Platform Committee and the National Strategy Committee under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. Additionally, she co-chairs the AMCHAM Government and International Affairs Committee.


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