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1) Committee’s Mission Statement

AMCHAM’s DPRK Committee is a forum for interested members of AmCham to gain understanding of issues related to North Korea, including the status of regional security, political and economic policy and developments that could impact the potential for conducting business in and with North Korea.

2) Activities in Support of the Mission

Q4 2019: Host talk on current developments in North Korea-U.S.-South Korea relations with a former U.S. Government official.

Q4 2019/Q1 2020: Host update on North Korea security-related issues and readiness with U.S. military official.

Q1/Q2 2020: Host panel discussion on North-South political and economic policy and regional issues with speakers from academia, policy-making and think tanks.

Q2/Q3 2020: Host panel discussion on Life in North Korea regarding the everyday impact of economic policies, featuring speakers from various professional backgrounds with experience inside the North.


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