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S. Korea-U.S. economic alliance & ESG: Analysis with AMCHAM Chairman & CEO James Kim

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As we lead up to the P4G Seoul Summit this weekend, one area that's been in the spotlight is a business paradigm shift in the era of ESG and green technology.


During the Green Future Week this week, global thinkers, policymakers and businesses will discuss various ways to collaborate on ESG based on the latest trends in green business and come up with concrete measures to achieve Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance goals.


But, to discuss South Korea, U.S partnership as well as business partnership in the realm of ESG, we have live in the studio James Kim, chairman and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for coming in today.


1. President Moon inched closer to his goal of making South Korea the 'global hub of vaccine production' by forging strategic vaccine partnership with the U.S. during his summit with President Biden. What significance does this hold for both countries from economic standpoint?


2. In a recently published contribution, you've mentioned that it's important for the Moon administration to collaborate with the Biden administration to take a different approach to post-pandemic economic recovery. Could you give us some ideal scenarios?


3. South Korean tech giants' vital role as an investor and strategic partner for the U.S. was evident during the summit with top 4 Korean conglomerates announcing investment worth over 39 billion dollars in U.S. chip and battery industries. How significant is this for the U.S. economy and also for S. Korea-U.S. economic relations going forward?

4. AMCHAM has launched a committee to oversee environmental, social and governance, or ESG goals. Give us a brief introduction, and what specific ESG initiatives are being made by U.S. firms in Korea led by AMCHAM?

5. The very first U.S.-Korea ESG Forum was held earlier this month. How do you assess Korea companies' efforts towards ESG goals thus far, and how can American firms help in materializing those goals?

James Kim, Chairman and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce joining us for our news in-depth tonight. Thank you, we appreciate your expertise.



Reporter: jenmoon@arirang.co.kr

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