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[TV Interview] S. Korea as Asia's next premier business hub


 S. Korea as Asia's next premier business hub


Q1. Let's begin with AMCHAM's recently published report titled "Korea as an APAC Regional HQ." First, give us the details of the report. What are the key objectives?


Q2. In order to attract more multinational companies, we first need an objective assessment of what Korea can offer. In your perspective, does South Korea provide a favorable business and industrial environment for foreign companies?


Q3. Looking on the bright side what are the key factors that make South Korea stand out in attracting FDI and foreign companies? The charms that differentiate the country from its regional competitors like Singapore and Japan?


Q4. But Korea has room for improvement. What areas require more efforts to boost Korea's competitiveness, and how can we address them to make Korea more appealing to multinational corporations as the location for their headquarters?


Q5. Regulations that are unnecessary, or often unique to Korea remain a big hurdle in attracting more foreign companies. Which ones call for the most urgent attention, and how does AMCHAM plan to work with the government on this front?


Q6. Creating a favorable living environment for foreign company employees and their families is another vital issue that needs more discussion and action. In your view, what are the key areas that need further improvement to enhance the living conditions for expats in Korea?


Q7. How can the Korean government further bolster initiatives to entice foreign firms to establish APAC Regional HQs in Korea? What role does AMCHAM envision in supporting these efforts?


Q8. The world is witnessing growing challenges in global trade, with increased protectionism and supply chain risks. How can Korea stay ahead of the competition in the foreign investment race against these odds?


Q9. It marks the 142nd anniversary of Korea and the U.S. forming diplomatic relations this year, and the two countries' bilateral relations are closer than ever before economically and beyond. How has the Korea-U.S. relations contributed to fostering a transparent business environment in Korea?


Q10. What's next for you? What are your future goals as the head of AMCHAM going forward?


Source: https://www.arirang.com/news/view?id=271366&lang=en