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[Webinar] The New Normal Era: Pharmaceuticals/Bio/Health Industries’ Digital Innovation Strategy



July 21, 2020 - The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM) hosted a webinar on July 21 from the sponsor of Automation Anywhere Korea and Rainbow Brain. This webinar presented the theme of “The New Normal Era: Pharmaceuticals/Bio/Health Industries' Digital Innovation Strategy". The guest speakers were Youngsoo Lee from Automation Anywhere Korea and Changhoon Ji from Rainbow Brain.?




About the Speaker

Youngsoo Lee, Country Manager, Automation Anywhere Korea
Topic : 'Intelligent Automation' to secure business sustainability and change in the pharmaceutical/bio industry in the post-COVID era

- The Impact of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical/bio industry and changes in business strategy during the crisis
- Enhancement of new growth engines through ’intelligent automation' of the pharmaceutical/bio industry
- Proposal of AI-based digital innovation to prepare for the global bio-economy era

Chang hoon Ji, Rainbow Brain CTO
Topic : A case of AI-based 'intelligent automation' in the pharmaceutical/bio industry

- A: Cases of automated reports on medication supply details by pharmaceutical companies
- B: Upgrading digital technology on the boundary between pharmaceutical and food products, checking health food regulations and cases of automating inspection of health foods
- C: Cases of automation of healthcare solutions and physical examination systems
- D: Cases of automation of a food and drug company’s unlawful online drug distribution processes

Webinar Brief

The unexpected “New Normal” and “post-COVID-19” era have revolutionized industrial structure and ecosystem.

In order to overcome the risks caused by COVID-19 and maintain continued profit and growth, domestic and foreign companies are examining their business sustainability and accelerating changes in how they work across industries, including how they manage to prepare for disasters (distribution of manpower, diversification of production sites, diversification of supply chains, and untact digital).

The Korean government presented plans to foster the competitiveness and potential in the bio sector as a growth engine in the post-corona industry amid the emergence of digital infrastructure as part of the Korean New Deal policy.

Therefore, it raises questions on preparation for the development of the pharmaceutical/bio/health industries and the global bio-economic era based on fourth industrial technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.


This webinar will introdue some of the latest contributions that artificial intelligence and big data can have on the global bio-economic era.

Full Details

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