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Education during the days of COVID-19, eLearning Webinar

Monday, April 20, 2020

9:30am - 10:30am

* Registered attendees will receive online access information.


Online live broadcast

* Stats for online learning during COVID
* Challenges parents face and tips on how to overcome these challenges

* Kevin Skeoch: Head of School, Opening remark
* Frank Vink: Dean of Technology and Innovation, The technical aspects and resources available for parents.
* Grace Zimmerman: Director of Communications and Education Chair of AmCham, Communication tools for parents, data, and shifts in program delivery.
* Jason Hayter: Lower School Principal, Approaches to eLearning wellness aspect and tips.
* Julie Sykes: Upper School Principal, Approaches to eLearning, wellness aspect, and tips.


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Noon, Sunday, April 19, 2020

About the Speaker

Kevin Skeoch, Head of School, Dwight International School Seoul

My experience, training and capabilities in establishing profitable schools, turning around underperforming educational institutions and creating prestigious international brands has led to wider impacts; creating future business leaders, generating wealth for investors and developing future communities. I’m an innovator at heart, turning concepts into reality via the design and implementation of robust strategies across process and culture change, communications and marketing. I’ve created globally competitive schools through managing organisational restructures and redesigns, instilling pride for both staff and students and implementing modern teaching methods. I’m skilled in designing policies, procedures and cultures that drive success and the highest levels of performance and am considered a thought leader in educational start-up consultancy. An accreditor and authoriser across two school boards, I am recognised as a subject matter expert in how to develop curricula, teachers, students, educational programmes and schools to become the best they can be.

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Frank Vink, Dean of Technology and Innovation, Dwight International School Seoul

Frank was born and raised in the Netherlands as a true lifelong learner. He graduated from universities in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and spent a semester abroad in Dublin. Currently in his sixth year at Dwight School Seoul, Frank is Whole School Dean of Technology & Innovation, as well as teacher in the Diploma Programme. He supports students, teachers and parents to use technology meaningfully: to enhance personalized learning and creativity, and to communicate and collaborate responsibly with the local and global community. His golden rule for the use of technology is "create, don't consume". He has previously worked in the Netherlands, Germany, Cambodia and Azerbaijan.

Jason Hayter, Lower School Principal, Dwight International School Seoul

Jason is originally from near Toronto, Canada. He holds a Bachelor's of Economics from the University of Waterloo, and a Masters of Education from Australia. With 20 years of experience as an educator, and 12 years as an educational leader and principal, Jason has lead education in Australia, Canada, Colombia and Morocco before coming to Korea. His expertise in pedagogy, curriculum, organizational management and leadership is recognized through his extensive experience in training and developing teachers, principals and educational leaders all over the world.

Julie Sykes, Upper School Principal, Dwight International School Seoul

Julie is from the UK and studied Astrophysics at Leeds University before going on to qualify as a teacher. She spent several years teaching in boarding schools in the UK before starting her international teaching career. In the past sixteen years Julie has taught in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central America and Africa. Julie has extensive experience with the IB in the areas of teaching, leadership and moderation.

Grace Zimmerman, Director of Communications, Dwight International School Seoul

Grace is currently the Director of Communications and is a part of the senior leadership team at Dwight School Seoul. She started her career with Prentice Hall publishing company in which she managed sales accounts at 8 different universities and colleges in LA County while working with professors to help develop textbook manuscripts. Grace pursued her interests in food and a career in the restaurant industry where she demonstrated a successful history which included travel support throughout the western United States. Skilled in hiring, scheduling, training, developing, leading, and inspiring staff to exceed expectations.

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