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Trade & Customs

1) Committee's Mission Statement

The Trade & Customs Committee will serve as a forum for AMCHAM members to identify and discuss trade and customs issues with expertise in both government and private sectors. The committee will seek to provide a mechanism to address current issues of common concern such as: implementation and enforcement of free trade agreements, customs audit, non-tariff barriers, and other issues to improve transparency and facilitation of legitimate trade.

Going forward, the Trade & Customs committee will explore a wide range of cross-border trade and customs enforcement issues related to the facilitation of movement of goods and people associated with investment opportunities to assist AMCHAM members.​


Lists of the Committee’s business plan for the coming years include:  

• Navigate customs and origin verification under the amended KORUS FTA 

• Find practical ways to facilitate business travel and investment between Korea and the U.S. 

Understand how the latest international trade news affects your business (e.g., unilateral trade actions—Section 232 investigations and sanctions—WTO, and implementation of regional FTA’s—CPTPP, RCEP, etc.)

• Identify customs and trade issues and convey them to relevant government agencies

​ Convene joint discussion sessions with other committees to address industry-specific and/or other common issues (e.g., Tax Committee to address transfer pricing and customs valuation concerns) ​ 

2) Activities in Support of the Mission

• ​Regular meetings with varied formats on trade enforcement topics featuring guest speakers from government and industry.

• ​Meetings with Committee members to review and discuss internally and elevate to appropriate government agencies, as appropriate.

• ​Develop recommendation for KORUS FTA Working Group implementation/enforcement issues to relevant government agencies (e.g. MOTIE, MOEF, KCS)



Katrina Chang - Kim & Chang (02-3703-1537)