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SME Collaboration

1) Committee's Mission Statement 

The Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (“SME”) Collaboration Committee aims to provide a platform for representatives of multinational corporations (MNC) member companies, both foreign and Korea-based/invested, to foster stronger networks, discuss shared concerns, and exchange best practices.

Regardless of whether your company is based in Korea or headquartered elsewhere, building collaborative partnerships with Korean SMEs can bolster your competitiveness, create job opportunities, fuel innovation, and positively impact your company's bottom line as you expand your business in Korea.

2) Activities in Support of the Mission

The SME Collaboration Committee will pursue the following four (4) objectives as the foundation of its activities:

1.    Networking:

  • Plan and execute strategic networking events and activities tailored to assist AMCHAM members: (i) in cultivating and reinforcing their business relationships; and (ii) to enable MNC executives to develop and strengthen their business network.

2.    Information & Best Practice Sharing:

  • Facilitate a regular exchange of information and best practices, including experiences and solutions to challenges, through organized meetings (e.g., seminars, panel discussions, conferences, and workshops).

3.    Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Promote relationship-building with key stakeholders to encourage mutual engagement and partnerships (e.g., the Korean and U.S. governments, academia, and Korean media).

4.    Promote Cross-Cultural Competency:

  • Increase awareness of cultural expectations and differences between foreign (such as U.S.-based) and Korean companies to facilitate more robust and effective business partnerships.


Baekjoon Kang - Amway Korea Limited (02-3468-6351)

Andy Park - Qualcomm Korea YH (02-530-6942)