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Marketing & Communication

1) Committee's Mission Statement

Marketing is defined as the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. The mission of the Marketing & Communication Committee is to support companies operating in Korea by sharing best practices in the areas of marketing and communications. This could cover a diverse number of areas, including: advertising, brand management, channel management, market research and analysis, product positioning, sales, promotions, and communications​.

2) Activities in Support of the Mission

The Marketing & Communication Committee will strive to hold 10 meetings annually using various delivery formats such as case studies, panel discussions and key notes​.


Our topics will focus on top business trends: 

 • Marketing In A Digital World Including The Use Of Digital Analytics

 • Digital Marketing Channels Including Social Media Advertising

 • Focus On Connecting Customers

 • Invest In A Corporate Culture Of Customer Service To Grow Revenue

 • Fun And Games To Engage Customers And Employees

 • Shift From Complaining About To Embracing Millennials 

 • Commodity Products Will Continue To See Margins Erode. Services Will Extend Value

 • Integrate Content Marketing Into Your Sales Process

 • Developing “Selling/Solving” Skills For Non-Salespeople

 • Measure And Deliver Results Not Just Solutions



Eric Kim - Datacrunch Global (02-2097-8271)

Brian M. Harris - Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas (02-559-7701)