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1) Committee's Mission Statement

The Pharmaceutical Committee strives to shape the environment for fair competition and positive business prospects in Korea for US pharmaceutical companies and to build strong collaboration between Korean society and the US companies.

2) Activities in Support of the Mission

- Regular update of Key stakeholder list

  a. AMCHAM pharmaceutical Committee member list update - Once a year

  b. External Stakeholder list update - Once a year


- Pharmaceutical Committee Meeting - Have at least two meetings per year. However, we can hold a meeting whenever an urgent matter in industry business or a significant change in policy takes place at a national level.


- Key stakeholder engagement program

  a. External speaker program - Once a quarter

  b. Roundtable discussion on key policy issues with key stakeholders - Once a year


- Knowledge sharing with key stakeholders

  a. Share KRPIA policy position papers with key stakeholders - On-going

  b. Face to face meeting with stakeholders - On-going


- Update to AMCHAM & US Embassy: Have a regular meeting with AMCHAM and US Embassy with AMCHAM authorities to address pharmaceutical industry issues


- Keep in contact with the US-Korea Business Council to deliver industry message to relevant Korean government bodies



HeeSeung Lee - MSD Korea

Hye-Min Oh - Pfizer Korea

Dongwon Kim - Moderna Korea