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Update on Travel Regulations for Foreigners


Dear valued AMCHAM members:

This is to inform you of an important change to Korea’s rules regarding registered aliens who re-enter Korea after traveling abroad.

As previously notified on May 29, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) implemented new regulations effective June 1 that require resident aliens who travel abroad to obtain a medical certificate within 48 hours before re-entering Korea. Registered aliens who seek to re-enter the Republic of Korea within 3 weeks after departing from the country are eligible to apply for an Exemption from Medical Examination if they are traveling for the purpose of business/investment activities, journalism, or academic/research activities.

Today, the Korean government informed AMCHAM of revised rules to extend the scope of eligibility for an Exemption from Medical Examination to family members. Under the revised rules, a resident alien who is traveling for one of the aforementioned purposes may apply for an Exemption from Medical Examination for family members accompanying him/her by submitting a letter of explanation and (if required) proof of family relationship.

Please see the attached document for the updated application procedure with the relevant changes highlighted in blue.

AMCHAM will continue its close dialogue with the Korean government to further alleviate restrictions on travel by foreign residents of Korea. Please contact the AMCHAM Government & Corporate Affairs Team (govcorp@amchamkorea.org, 02.6201.2240) should you have any questions.

Thank you.