•  A black tie theme party
   1. To welcome AMCHAM¡¯s newly elected Board of Governors with AMCHAM members and their guests
   2. To celebrate the beginning of a prosperous New Year


•  Over 700 guests
       including senior members of the business community and officials from the U.S./Korean governments and USFK
•  AMCHAM Honorary Chairman and the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea is expected to attend


•  Each year, a different theme is presented through the decoration, sponsor recognition and entertainment
       2005: Miracle / 2006: Building Bridges / 2007: Las Vegas / 2008: Jazz in New Orleans / 2009: Springtime in Savannah
       2010: Hollywood / 2011: New York City / 2012: Hawaii
•  Due to the popularity of the event, the tickets are sold out within 2 weeks
•  Each year, the AMCHAM Award is presented in recognition of the receiver's contribution to U.S.-Korea relations
       2005: Ko, Gun (Former Prime Minister)
       2006: Lee, Hee-Beom (Former Minister / Chairman & CEO of KITA)
       2007: Ban, Ki-Moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)
       2008: Kim, Hyun-Jong (Korean Ambassador to the United Nations)
                Wendy Cutler (Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Japan, Korea and APEC Affairs)
       2009: SaKong Il (Special Economic Advisor to President Lee, Myung-bak / Chairman & CEO of KITA)
       2011: Kathleen Stephens (U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea)


•  The AMCHAM Inaugural Ball provides a premier marketing opportunity for reaching out to VIPs
   from foreign and Korean business communities in Korea
•  Over 100 companies have sponsored the event since 2005
•  Sponsors not only receive a great deal of recognition at the event site but also before and after the event
•  The number of sponsors increases year after year