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Online Application

AMCHAM Korea's training program provides graduate/undergraduate students and recent graduates hands-on work experience and a great opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in international business and trade policy.

During orientation, trainees will learn about AMCHAM, organizational structure and each department's functions. Trainees get to know each other and better acquainted with staff members as well. Once the official program begins, trainees of the various departments are placed under the supervision of each of the department. Supervisors essentially function as mentors and provide regular feedback and evaluation on performance of the trainees.

As AMCAHM Korea is a non-profit organization, the trainee program is an unpaid, but a modest transportation and meal stipend will be provided.



Trainees learn about an overall business environment and more in-depth about the specific business field, which will allow trainees to have a better awareness and understanding of their aptitude and talents before going into the job market. This will allow them strengthen their resumes which will help their career development in the future.

Trainees participate in AMCHAM's various types of events, which will allow them to observe business networking environment and market trends.

Trainees are provided with career coaching session by AMCHAM senior staffs as well as HR professionals from various industries during their training period.

Trainees are invited to AMCHAM's annual trainees networking events where they can network with former trainees and staff members.

Department Information Duration Application Deadline
Communications 2017.05.02 ~
The Communications Department promotes awareness of the Chamber’s mission and activities to the media and general public in Korea. The department develops publicity plans for major events and communicates with the press, arranging interviews and writing press releases. As the Chamber’s editorial division, the department manages the media database and oversees the production of all AMCHAM publications, both online and offline, to inform members about the latest economic and business issues. AMCHAM publications include the Journal, an issues-oriented, quarterly magazine, the annual Membership Directory, among others. The department also develops online content for the organization's website and SNS channels including Facebook.Apply Now
Marketing TBD TBD
The Marketing Department is the revenue-generating engine of AMCHAM and is responsible for coordinating various AMCHAM meetings and events. The department organizes General Membership Meetings (GMMs), annual industry seminars and Networking Nights throughout the year. It also coordinates AMCHAM’s signature events including the Inaugural Ball and Labor Day Picnic, which provide members with socializing and partnership opportunities. The department also offers promotional services, helping member companies advertise their brand and products within the Korean business community.
Government Affairs/PR TBD TBD
The Government Affairs/Public Relations Department aims to serve as the bridge between AMCHAM members and the Korean and U.S. governments. To that end, the department is primarily responsible for building the public image of AMCHAM and our member companies and maintaining a close relationship with both the Korean and U.S. governments. Trainee(s) of Government Affairs/PR team will be in charge of daily media monitoring and regular analysis of various industries in Korea. Trainee(s) will also work to assist various AMCHAM committee meetings and events, granting them with more opportunities of exposure to global atmosphere and business leaders in different sectors. Trainee(s) candidates are required to have high command of both English and Korean language, good research skills and interpersonal skills
Partners for the Future Foundation TBD TBD
Partners for the Future Foundation, the charitable arm of AMCHAM, administers various programs to support unemployed families in Korea. It provides scholarships for university students from unemployed families, vocational training for the unemployed, and the trainee(s) programs for Korean university and graduate students to give them practical business experience. The foundation also organizes fundraising events and community service programs, such as AMCHAM CEO Servers' Night and AMCHAM Service Day. In organizing these events, trainee(s) are exposed to various functions of the Chamber including marketing, event coordination, PR and administration.


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