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[News Article] Google Cloud seeks to support digital transformation of Korean companies


Google Cloud seeks to support digital transformation of Korean companies



By Baek Byung-yeul, The Korea Times - Google a cloud computing service operator offered by the global tech giant, vowed that it will increase its support for Korean companies so that they can accelerate their digital transformation and achieve advances in their businesses, the head of the company's Korean branch said Tuesday.


"Our mission is to help our clients on their digital transformation journey with the best infrastructure and expertise. I think this is a way for us to help the development of the Korean industry," Andrew Chang, managing director of Google Cloud Korea, said during a press conference at a hotel in Seoul.


"In the past, cloud computing was much needed to reduce costs, but nowadays it is important to improve the way an organization works, how quickly the company develops and releases apps through cloud technology and how the organization can collaborate between departments using digital technology," Chang added.


The press conference was held on the sidelines of Google Cloud's annual technology conference, Google Cloud Next. During the event, the company announced its updated services to users. The company also shared how its customers in various industries such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, NCSOFT, WeMakePrice and Kakao Brain are digitally transforming with its help.


Chang also elaborated that more companies in different industries are considering using Google's cloud services. "Many customers want to incorporate Google's innovation into their business. We are trying to collaborate with the customers because Google's technologies have melded into Google Cloud," he said.


During the event, e-commerce company WeMakePrice introduced how it plans to achieve its digital transformation with Google Cloud. The company said it will launch an infrastructure transition project to transfer all of its systems in its data center to Google Cloud using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).


The GKE redesigns all architectural elements for cloud environments and enables companies to operate large workloads conveniently and reliably. By transferring its system to Google Cloud, WeMakePrice aims to improve its productivity and establish a flexible operating environment that can quickly expand resources even in the event of a surge in data traffic.


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