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Cross-Border Investment

1) Committee's Mission Statement

To be the go to resource providing up to date information to help companies understand the investment processes for various cross-border investment channels, assist companies to become more familiar with the regulatory environment in the investment destination locations and make the most of these investments through accessing knowledge about valuable incentives and tax benefits. 


The Cross-Border Investment Committee will focus on the following important investment categories:

  • Korean companies with outbound investment into the US market
  • Korea as an Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarter for foreign companies
  • Small businesses in the US looking to start operations in Korea – AMCHAM Korea runs the ABC Program that can link to this topic
  • Additional cross-border investment topics the Committee and AMCHAM Korea deem relevant


The Committee will provide a regular channel of communication to provide timely updates on investment regulatory changes and build a network of companies who are considering making these cross-border investments. We will create a forum where industry sectors, companies and government representatives can engage in open dialogue about investment challenges and successes. The Committee will seek to hold meetings every two months and aspire to hold at least three seminars in each year promoting cross-border investment.



Robert Smith – EY Han Young

Ryan Brown – Coupang