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Human Resources

1.Committee`s Mission Statement

The Human Resources Committee will focus on six key areas for HR management professionals:

*Recruitment and Retention of Employees

* Labor Relations and Policies in Korea

*Training and Development

*Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

*Career Development

*Creating business value through strategic management of the workforce.

Committee members will focus on the above HR related issues and propose viable solutions in a collective effort to enhance members’ knowledge and understanding of human resources management and development, labor practices and policies within Korea.

HR management professionals in AMCHAM Korea member companies in good standing will be eligible to receive information from the committee and participate in committee events, take active role in Committee’s activity, etc.

Through quarterly meetings, it also acts as a forum for transferring information between member companies, the Korean and US governments, Korean corporations, and labor organizations.

These meetings are designed to provide an exchange of information between speakers and members. The HR Committee also coordinates an annual Human Resources Seminar, an open forum for the discussion of current human resources issues in Korea.

2.Activities in Support of the Mission

The Human Resources Committee activities will be built around the following objectives:

* Raising of professional standards within the HR community and the promotion of an active HR management

*Facilitate regular exchange of information, and share best experience within the area of HR management

* Development of closer ties of co-operation between HR experts in the business sectors and their counterparts in government

* Research and development of HR best practices and lobbying for their adoption

* Networking within the HR community in order to enhance and facilitate understanding and co-operation

* Provide seminars, training, conferences for HR management professionals


Matthew F. Jones - Kim & Chang (02-3703-1445)

Tabby Kim - 3M Korea Ltd. (02-3771-4165)

Hai Kyung Min - Google Korea LLC (02-531-9000)

Heather Hyejung Han - PERSOLKELLY (02-760-8832)