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Legal Affairs

1) Committee's Mission Statement

The Legal Affairs Committee serves as a forum to identify and discuss issues of concern to AMCHAM members relating to laws, regulations, judiciary, corporate governance, transparency, ethics, and the legal profession in Korea. The committee follows developments related to the Korea legal services industry opening in accordance with Korea’s free trade agreements and the entrance of global law firms into Korea. The committee provides a mechanism to bring pressing legal and regulatory issues to the attention of the AMCHAM Board and, through AMCHAM advocacy procedures, to the relevant Korean government authorities. The committee includes foreign and domestic lawyers, academia, risk management advisors, and other professionals related to or interested in legal matters. 



2) Activities in Support of the Mission

- The committee holds regular meetings on germane topics, typically involving guest speakers from professional legal circles, the U.S. and Korea government, and/or academia. 


- The committee works together with the American Bar Association, Korean Bar Association, the Ministry of Justice and other organizations and bodies, including the In-House Counsel Forum, to continually advance jurisprudence and legal services in Korea.



Anthony Chang - Shin & Kim (02-316-4258)​​

Sungjoon Park - Philip Morris Korea (02-3707-0848)

David Waters - Kim & Chang (02-3703-1318)​