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1) Committee Mission Statement

The AMCHAM Taxation Committee serves as a forum to identify, discuss and address key tax issues that could impact the members of AMCHAM Korea. The Committee also promotes sound tax policy in the promulgation and administration of tax laws and regulations. The Committee engages in dialogue with governmental bodies, tax officials, tax organizations and tax professionals to promote its mission.

2) Proposed Events

1. To have at least 3 breakfast seminars covering the following topics: new tax law changes, recent trends and developments, and proposed tax law changes; Or on any topic of interest to AMCHAM Korea members. Each of the co-chairs shall be responsible for organizing one event).

2. To have at least one face to face dialogue each with National Tax Service, Korea Customs Service, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, or other governmental body (with AMCHAM Executive/Management support).

3. To submit position papers (at the invitation of NTS) on key tax issues impacting AMCHAM.

4. To have at least one joint session with another committee focusing on topic of interest to the AMCHAM Community (e.g., IP, Insurance, Financial Services, Real Estate, Labor, etc.).



Jeremy Everett - Yulchon LLC (02-528-5133)

Paul Manning - Kim & Chang (02-3703-5796)

Changho Jo - PwC (02-3781-3264)

Steve (Minhoo) Kim - Lee & Ko (02-6386-6271)